image Holiday Lights at Deanna Rose Farmstead

If you drive up to the Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park, Kansas, you will see a huge display of holiday lights, whimsical trees, roof washers, and new for 2015, Twitter Trees! Inventor, Mark Callegari is responsible for this amazing display.

Holiday Lights at Deanna Rose Farmstead

The Twitter Trees are linked to CheerLights and allow anyone to control the lights at Deanna Rose Farmstead from your car or anywhere while watching the display and animations. A tweet to CheerLights with a color will turn the rightmost tree to that color and new tweets will move the color left. The idea is great. You can watch your color for a little longer as other people around the world change the color.

“CheerLights does more than just change the trees you see at Deanna Rose. Each tweet you make using the CheerLights tag changes more than 10,000 sites around the world all listening to the CheerLights feed,” said Mark Callegari. “Similarly, our trees are listening to the CheerLights feed so not only will you see your own color changes, but also changes from around the globe.”

Check out the Facebook page to learn more about the really impressive display at Deanna Rose Farmstead.