CheerLights is an “Internet of Things” project created by Hans Scharler that allows people’s lights all across the world to synchronize to one color set by Twitter. This is a way to connect physical things with social networking experiences.

Give CheerLights a try and send a Tweet:

@CheerLights Paint the town red

This will cause a chain reaction and all of the CheerLights displays and apps will change their color to red.

Join the CheerLights project by building a device that follows the CheerLights API.

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Best IoT DIY Project Nominee of 2015/16

2016/01/26 – Trevor Harwood / Postscapes

Nominated as the Best IoT DIY Project of 2015/16

2015-16 IoT Awards

Best IoT DIY Project Nominee of 2013

2014/01/30 – Trevor Harwood / Postscapes

Nominated as the Best IoT DIY Project of 2013

Best DIY Internet of Things Project

CheerLights: Synchronizing Christmas lights around the globe

2011/12/17 – Mike Nathan / Hack A Day

They say that the holidays are a time to gather with others, which usually translates into spending time with friends and family. The folks at ioBridge Labs thought that while friends and family certainly are a big part of the holidays, it would be pretty cool to gather together flocks of strangers by using the Internet to synchronize their Christmas lights.

CheerLights: The Christmas lights that are synchronised through Twitter

2011/12/07 – Olivia Solon / Wired UK

“We live in a time and age that we are close because of technology than we have ever been. But, we use it for odd things. I wanted to feel the connections to others. In my mind’s eye, I see lights going on an off and seeing others notice it. Even if it is fleeting, we were connected in that moment. Cheesy, no?”

Build a Christmas Light Controller and Join a Global Network of Synchronized Lights

2011/12/05 – Alan Henry / Lifehacker

Once connected, anytime people tweet to the @Cheerlights twitter account or using the hashtag #cheerlights, all of the networked light displays all over the world will change at once. Hit the link below for the step-by-step, and give it a try before it’s too late in the holiday season.

Creating a Global Network of Christmas Lights

2011/12/03 – Matt Richardson / MAKE

The folks at ioBridge Labs posted a how-to on making your own node in a global network of synced Christmas lights. The network is called CheerLights and they’re controlled by tweeting to the account @CheerLights along with the name of a color. Their tutorial shows you how to build your own set of CheerLights by hacking GE Color Effects Christmas Lights and using an Arduino to connect them to their ThingSpeak channel. There’s even a tutorial on using a ConnectPort X2 to make the project wireless. I feel like I’m wielding incredible power right now!

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