Virtual, Social, and Physical Worlds Collide: CheerLights Enters Virtual Reality

Andy Stanford-Clark has been busy in 2020. Besides working on Quantum Computing and Autonomous Boats at IBM, Andy created a virtual reality world that interacts with the real-world. And, what better way to demonstrate how this works by interacting with virtual holiday lights that control real-world holiday lights.

I asked Andy about what he recommends for VR. He recommends the Oculus Quest 2.

VR is going to be HUGE. (IMHO, LoL)

Andy Stanford-Clark

The combination of virtual reality and the physical world is compelling to me. In fact, if you take a closer look, Andy also adds CheerLights to his virtual world. This means, three spheres of influence are acting at once: Virtual, Social, and Physical. Everything is converging. This is an interesting time for our technological adolescence. Let’s hope we get to grow up.