CheerLights API

CheerLights listens to Twitter for the keyword “cheerlights” in real-time. When a Tweet matches, the CheerLights ThingSpeak Channel gets updated with the lastest color. Since CheerLights uses ThingSpeak to collect our color values, we can use the ThingSpeak Channel API to read our data. CheerLights uses channel 1417 and stores the color name in field1 and the HEX color value in field2. Once you are familiar with the CheerLights API, try building your own CheerLights display.

CheerLights Last Color Name

CheerLights Last HEX Color Value

Full CheerLights Feed

Controlling CheerLights

To control CheerLights, send a tweet to @cheerlights or include “cheerlights” somewhere in your message with the name of a color.

Example Tweet

@CheerLights Paint the town red

This will cause a chain reaction and all of the CheerLights displays and apps will change their color to red.

The Colors of CheerLights

  • red (#FF0000)
  • green (#008000)
  • blue (#0000FF)
  • cyan (#00FFFF)
  • white (#FFFFFF)
  • oldlace / warmwhite (#FDF5E6)
  • purple (#800080)
  • magenta (#FF00FF)
  • yellow (#FFFF00)
  • orange (#FFA500)
  • pink (#FFC0CB)

You can check previous Tweets using Twitter Search.