Web-connected, Interactive Light on Kickstarter Supports CheerLights #internetofthings

Kickstarter is filled with interesting projects pushing the bounds of industrial design, games, and media. And, every once in awhile you find a project that is truly amazing. Enter in… “Light” by Moore’sCloud. This ambitious project is attempting to bring multi-color and animated light to everyone. Imagine setting the ambient light to match colors from your photos, providing an ambient indicator of the weather forecast, or setting the mood at dinner by emulating the colors of a crackling fire. The “Light” does  it all and now connects to CheerLights! 

Connecting to CheerLights

The Light is an open project. The designers have published everything about the process including budgets, parts, plans, and challenges. They have created a very flexible system for everyone to make use of their product. In about 30 minutes, Mark Pesce, one of the developers of the project was able to connect Light to CheerLights.

Supporting the project

Light is a fascinating and very well done project. They are engaging other platforms and connecting many services together and in the end, they are trying to make a great product for consumers and a brilliant platform for developers. Currently, Light is being funded by Kickstarter campaign. Consider backing this project and making Light a reality.

[via Hacking Light]