Color-Hunting Robot Finds Colors and Controls Christmas Lights

[Jeff Highsmith] has created a color searching robot called, “CheerBot”. This little robot goes around looking for colors and then controls the color of his Christmas lights. And, once an hour, it updates the CheerLights project by sending a Tweet with its latest color.

Color Robot

Here’s a video of the project build and the CheerBot in action:

Each Christmas, I like to participate in Cheerlights, an Internet of Things system for synchronizing the colors of multicolor Christmas tree lighting. To command the trees of the Cheerlights service, all you have to do is send a tweet with “@Cheerlights” and the name of a color. In the past, I built and modified a tiny desktop tree display. This year, I went all out, not only outfitting my big Christmas tree with color-changing lights, but also building a robot to roam the house and hunt for colors.

Here’s what the robot looks like and a system overview:
Color Robot Diagram
Jeff provides more details on Make. Be sure to check out this truly original CheerLights project. Awesome work!