Chrome Browser Extension

Josh Crumley created a Chrome Browser Extension that displays the latest CheerLights color right in your web browser. It’s a way to see the color that everyone else is seeing on their lights, widgets, extensions, and apps all across the world. The CheerLights Chrome Extension is available now for free at the Chrome Web Store!

App Store

SunshineApps created an iPhone app that shows you the latest CheerLights color. With this app you can check into the CheerLights project with an Apple device. CheerLights for iOS is available now on the App Store.

CheerLights Apple iOS App


Google Play

Thanks to @ChrisLeitner all you need is an Android smartphone and the CheerLights Android App that displays the latest colors on your phone. Chris tapped into the ThingSpeak API and reads the latest CheerLights command. This means CheerLights is both physical and virtual and there are many ways to spread the cheer and stay connected. CheerLights Android App is available now on Google Play.

CheerLights Android App