CheerBorg – Library for the LedBorg on a Raspberry Pi

If you have a Raspberry Pi and want to get a CheerLights display up and running quickly, then get yourself a LedBorg.

LedBorg HueSweep

The LedBorg is a bright RGB LED that you can control with the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi. To get the LED to illuminate the latest CheerLights color, use their library called CheerBorg. This is a driver-free library for the Raspberry Pi to read the latest CheerLights color from the API and set the color of the LedBorg to the same.

Using the LedBorg, you can creatively display the latest CheerLights color by setting something on top of the LedBorg to diffuse the color. @vwillcox is showing the latest CheerLights color by illuminating a Wales Crystal.

Wales Crystal

Check out CheerBorg at the website to learn more.